We have plenty of experience in dealing with large numbers of young people – we dealt with hundreds of candidates for each season under the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme (SAWS), for 3 years in a row! We have developed the expertise of handling such large flows both in terms of Human resources as well as physical infrastructure.

We strive to give you the best possible guidance and service. We can help you right from the idea stage – guiding you about what route you should take, how to go about it, what to expect when you get to your destination, as well as initial post–landing facilities such as airport pick up, arrangement of your accommodation and bank account opening.

Our primary focus is Paid Internships in the USA (the J1 visa). We started offering this category in 2008 and have gone on to establish ourselves as one of the key players in India. It has been a long journey but our patience and attention to detail has paid off. The trust and good will earned is fantastic – it did not come easily: we travel extensively and make presentations in person to colleges and students. We meet groups of students and their parents and patiently answer all queries.

We are the first ever Indian company to successfully tie up with the major operators of the UK govt.'s Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme (SAWS), which had been running for nearly 60 years. For the first time ever a batch of Indians left for the UK in summer of 2003 - every single application was approved and issued visa! We repeated this for the next 2 seasons as well.

We are the first ones to promote the Working Holiday route to working in the UK from the state of Gujarat in an organised manner. This too has been one of our most successful work categories (till the UK govt closed this route for Indian applicants). As the candidates later used to tell us, two years of working in the UK changed the entire course of their lives!

Appeals against visa refusals - We have enjoyed a nearly 100% success rate for helping file appeals against refusal of visas by the British Deputy High Commissions in India. We have successfully handled hundreds of appeals, including cases at the Tribunal Level in English courts. This calls for an in depth knowledge and competence on our part and we put in a significant amount of work as well as research to ensure high success rates.