What are Internship and Traineeship Programs?

Internship is intended for college graduates who apply within one year after graduating. For example, if you graduated in May 2013 you can apply under the internship programme till May 2014.

Traineeship is for those who apply to the program more than one year after graduation and have at least 1 year of work experience in their area of interest. Another option is for those who do not have formal qualifications but have at least 5 years of experience in the field they want to do their training in. For example if you completed say your 12th standard and then went on to work as a chef or software designer for 5 years, you can qualify for the Training programme.

This is a great chance to see new places and get work experience in the USA. Admission is all year round.

Frequently Asked Questions

Duration of the internship program?

Can range from 1 to18 months with intakes around the year. The sponsorship documents, called DS 2019 define the start and end dates of the program. The US Department of State (DOS) issues these documents through a program sponsor. 

How many hours do I get per week?

Approximately 32-40 hours per week. Many companies offer overtime (when possible) which is paid at 1.5 times the base rate.

Where are the placements located?

Placements are with host companies right across the USA.

Can I arrange my own placement?

Yes, you may arrange your own placement and housing, provided that all the requirements of the State Department are met. We will provide assistance in preparing all documents required for your visa application. Usually we arrange the placements, thus saving you a major head ache !

Can I change my placement or host company when I am in the USA?

NO. You cannot change host company after a training plan has been signed. Further, no changes are allowed after your visa is granted and you start your placement. If there is a problem at your host company then there is a mechanism to resolve the issue. Only as a last resort would a new placement be offered.

How much and when do I get paid?

Almost all the internships we offer are paid (usually between US$ 8 to 12 per hour). For the paid internships, stipends depend on the position, the host company and location of training. Typically, you will get your stipend every two weeks. Some internships are unpaid - but very much worth your while in terms of experience.

 Do I pay taxes?

Yes. Sadly there is no escaping the tax man ! The good news is that you can reclaim most of the taxes by doing the appropriate paperwork.

Where will I stay during my program?

Accommodation is taken care of ! Candidates are usually assisted by their host company in securing housing. In all cases, the candidate will pay for accommodation.

You cook your meals. In some cases, you will be given free or subsidized meals at work. The accommodation is usually a fully furnished apartment – so if you haven’t cooked a meal in your life, now is the time to start !

How soon do I start my internship?

The program begins as soon as the visa is issued, based on the dates in the sponsorship papers. Most US host companies require an arrival notice. Upon arrival at the host company, all interns attend an orientation. You will be assisted with all formalities (Social Security, tax forms, opening bank accounts etc.).

When do applications need to be submitted?

All applications must be submitted at least 4 to 6 months prior to the preferred departure date.

What level of English do I need?

Good conversational English is a must . The better your language skills, the better your chances of cracking that interview with the host company.

What are the eligibility criteria?

All candidates must have a degree/ diploma OR substantial experience in the chosen field. Practical experience will be an advantage to the participant.

 What all is included in the programme?

  • Programme orientation and briefing 
  • Assistance in processing applications
  • Guaranteed internship/training placement prior to arrival.
  • Visa documents such as DS 2019, Training Plan, SEVIS, Comprehensive Medical Insurance
  • Assistance in getting Social Security card, bank account opening
  • Pre-visa interview guidance
  • Pre-departure orientation 
  • Sponsorship and support throughout the programme

Do I need to get a visa for this program?

Yes. For the US internships programme, you will apply for a J1 visa. We will assist and guide you for this.

Is it guaranteed that I will get a visa?

NO.  Only the visa officer at the US embassy has the final authority to issue or deny a visa. Neither we nor our US partners have any say in this process. However, we will provide complete assistance in preparing you for the crucial visa interview.